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Scottish Charity No. SC043118

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Rosie's Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme (SNAPS)


Chairman Dr John Wells


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Jim Knowles



Dr Cade Wells


The West Lothian Archaeological Trust was formed on the 19th April 2012 and registered as Scottish Charity No. SC043118 on the 26th April 2012. The Trust was established to support the activities of West Lothian Archaeology which was formed in 2010, having been known since 2007 as West Lothian Aerial Archaeology, which in turn was closely associated with the History of Armadale Association.

Sybil Cavanagh oversees Jim Knowles, John and the late Rosie Wells at the West Lothian Local History Library signing the document which sets up the West Lothian Archaeological Trust.

19th April 2012

The object of the Trust it to advance heritage and science by

(a) Investigating  (with emphasis on non-invasive techniques), recording and publicising (by publication and presentation) the archaeological/heritage sites of West Lothian, and elsewhere.

(b) Promoting the use of kite aerial photography as a low-cost, inclusive, environmentally friendly technique for archaeological/heritage photography and promoting the use of any other techniques which may be deemed appropriate by the Trustees.   

(c) Running and maintaining an archaeological website (www.WestLothianArchaeology.org.uk) as part of an associated community and heritage website (www.Armadale.org.uk).

In May 2013, the Trust launched the Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme and was invited to be an Associated Partner of "ArchaeoLandscapes Europe" (ArcLand), part of the European Union's Culture Programme.

In April 2014, the Trust set up a Facebook page on Kite Aerial Remote Sensing.

In 2016, the Trust became a member of ArchaeoLandscapes International.


The Trustees would like to thank West Lothian Councillor John McGinty and West Lothian Library and Heritage/Museum Services for their support.

The Trustees would also like to thank the West of Scotland Archaeology Service, and Martin O'Hare in particular for his consistent, meticulous advice and support and also the RCAHMS (now HES) for their support and partnership and Historic Scotland (now HES), especially the Rangers, for inviting us to work alongside them at public events.

Thanks, as always, to our friends at the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society and the History of Armadale Association.


Our kite aerial photography display boards produced in 2012 by West Lothian Council


The Trust also hosts the pages of  The History of Armadale Association   The West Lothian History and Amenity Society 

and the Armadale, Blackridge and Torphichen community and heritage webpages.

Scottish Charity No. SC043118

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Bank:  The Royal Bank of Scotland, 39 South Street, Armadale, EH48 3ET.