Visual Aids For The Partially Sighted

John Wells

I am retired with no commercial interests, just a desire to minimise the impact of slowly advancing macular degeneration on my hobbies.

My primary interest is in the use of mobile phones and phone headsets costing no more than £100 and preferably much less.

At present my posts on this topic are on Facebook:

A mobile phone as a magnifier which can be mounted onto a 2D (or 3D) headset

(Full-screen 2D gives the highest resolution image)

Supervision for Cardboard is the most versatile (free) phone camera app for 2D and 3D headsets and is available for both Android and Apple devices:

This app also includes a range of colour filters and can be operated with a small ~£3 remote controller.

Other free apps

A phone with USB thermal imager and low-cost 2D headset for detecting shapes, people,

vehicles and animals

The optics of the above headset when sold as Mogoglaz spectacles


Another 2D headset but with peripheral vision


A 3D headset with the phone's split-screen projected 2D onto a transparent visor