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Ranulph and David Lindsay were probably related to each other and, it has also been suggested, distantly related to the Welles family.

From the work of Beryl Platt it is postulated that Lindsay in Scotland descended from the Flemish nobleman Gilbert de Ghent (Gant).  Walter de Ghent, son of Gilbert de Ghent, is said to have been Walter de Lindsay in Scotland and de Ghent again when he returned to Lincolnshire. The son of Walter de Well(es), William de Welles, is said to have married Walter de Lindsay's (or de Ghent's) daughter. Gilbert's 5th son was called Ranulph - a family name (personal communication, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres).

Beryl Platt's conclusions do not appear to have sound foundations, according to McAndrew (Double Tressure, 1993, 15, 43) and other respected researchers.

Although it is possible that William de Welles married a daughter of Walter de Gant/Ghent there appears to be no documentation that indicates a Lincolnshire de Gant/Ghent changed his name to de Lindsay.

For general details on Ghent / Lindsay see: Archives Ghent, Gant, Lindsay, Lindsey)  Websites: (1) (2) (3) and details on Welle(s) see: Archive (1).


Although the pre 1300 Welles mentioned on these Torphichen pages are probably all English, it should be mentioned that there are also the 'Lands of Welles' also known as Easter Skraisburgh (Scraisburgh - by Jedburgh) NAS GD40/1/346. Gary Harding also sent this reference:

Revenue of the Scottish Crown, 1681 by William Purves 189, page 50

Item, for the landes of Widingtounhall, mylne therof & mylne-landes &c. : the landes of Pearchead, Hosley ; the landes ofTurneacknow, Widdingtonrig, Over & Nether Swynstead ; the landes of Dedburne, Over & Nether Kirkwood, Brandisydbrae, Newbiging, and Sycks with the mylne &c. The landes of Oxnoue, Castellhill, Crooks and Harcas ; 2 husband landes & ne hlfe & Oxnautoune-heid ; 3 & ne quarter land in Langtoune ;the landes called Abbotishauch & Lampland in Over Crailling ;the 3 mylnes of Jedburgh with the waulk mylne ; the peice land called the Virgin yairds, Orchyairds of the Conventus called Seilrawyairds et Virgine with the barneyaird, & Friers-yaird of the landes called Elschauch ; the 2 husband landes of Harden ; the landes in the village of Plenderleith viz : Priestfeild-Knock & Hennysfeild, Putton land with 2 aikers called Linthauch in the barronie of Delphingstoune. The landes of Over & Nether Wells of the one husband laud in Scraisburgh with the teynd barnes & yaird of Ormistaine, Cavertoun, and Cesford. The landes of Baxtounleyes, Cleisthope, Over & Nether Whytkirk, Allulland, Ormeistcluch, Abbotsyde, & Abbotishawes the soume of 155lb- 3s. 4d

There appears to be no indication that the name Welles was taken from these lands but we would be interested to know if anyone has any further information.