Stroud Aerial Archaeology


John Wells and Heidi Walker

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Promoting the use of kite aerial photography as a low-cost, inclusive, environmentally friendly technique for archaeological and heritage photography

Register of Kite Aerial Photographers (UK & Ireland)

West Grange


Heidi trying a different way to take aerial photos


Hailey Wood


Bath and Bristol YAC

Apia julis, Bristol.

Apia Julia 2009

Alney Island


Stratford Court


Harnhill Manor Farm

DART Thermal Project 2012





Long Barrow


Nesley Farm


Site 01


Site 02


Near Trewsbury Camp



2018 - Access denied by landowner

Site 05

Site 06




Site 07




Site 08 Site 09

In the Beginning

Bussage near Stroud

Late 1980s

Our first flights into aerial photography were 30 years ago over the Carribean, Bussage, Nailsworth and later Chichen Itza and Bristol: http://armadale.org.uk/aerialphotography.htm


Very much a continuous work in progress, both the webpages and the archaeological and other sites.

Not all sites that we visit will necessarily be listed. The location of some features will be withheld, at least initially, especially if they are not on the historical  record. Speculative features will be included when there is evidence of early occupation nearby.

A listing may be removed if investigation adds no further information.

As a charity which promotes non-invasive remote sensing, the most we do onsite in Gloucestershire is fly a kite with a camera/imager and possibly walk the field, around the edge normally. We do not excavate.

Failure to gain permission to fly on a site impedes but does not stop investigation as we can then turn to imaging from satellite and plane over the months of winter. We may, at sometime, fund a near infra-red aerial survey of the area by plane.

Aerial photography can give both young and old a new perspective on the area in which they live.