West Lothian Archaeology Group

West Rhodens Plantation Archaeological  Site

Site 3: NS 912 695 (Roden?)

Between Ferny Hill (NE) and the ruins of Canties/Canty (SW)

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First visit 3rd December 2007

More details will follow as the site is investigated more closely


Is this and the field the site of Roden as shown on Roy's map?

NS 911 696 Immediately north of the plantation (natural igneous?)

Close-up in image to the right


The stream near its source, immediately on the south side of the

wall (see right)

The stream on the north side of the wall in the woodland



Items found on the site by others (John and Yvonne Reid)

The consensus appears to be that the stone items below are all natural. The remaining questions to be answered now relate to the geological context of the finds (in such a limited location) and their possible use.

Item 2 is effective at cutting and item 3, like many similar stones found in rivers, can be used for rubbing or grinding. The straight edge on the left of item 5 makes it a potential hand tool. Items 6 and 7 have bases which give them a specific orientation to stand when on a flat surface. Items 1,2,3 and 5 all fit neatly into the hand.

Are they associated with Roden?

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6/7           Found in stream