Population and Development: A History

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Updated 26 August 2009


  • Armadale population figures and surnames

  • Some of the Armadale-related individuals who appear in NAS catalogues

  • Local Cemeteries and Graveyards and Churchyards

  • Obituary / Death Notices about Armadale people in local publications

  • Some of the Armadale-related and Woodend-related individuals whose deaths were the subject of a Fatal Accident Inquiry and who appear in NAS catalogues


  • Overview of Barbauchlaw and Armadale development

  • Harestanes to Bathville

  • Barony of Ogilface

  • Barony of Bridgecastle

  • Torphichen

  • Abbreviations for some of the sources of information about places in Armadale and its surrounding area (past and present)

  • Farms and Farmers in the Armadale Area

  • Origin of Some Armadale Street Names

  • Armadale Housing (includes Miners' Accommodation in Armadale and Woodend)

  • Armadale Services