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Maps that include Barony of Ogilface lands

The History of Armadale Association and this Armadale website initiated surveys, which are being carried out at two of the possible sites for Ogilface Castle. In the references below, any map reference compatible with the Woodend survey site is marked 'W'  and any site compatible with the second survey site (above Standhill, immediately east of the currently mapped Eastcraigs Hill and south of the drove road) is marked 'B'



c1583 - 1596 Pont [The East Central Lowlands (Stirling, Falkirk & Kilsyth)] 'Crag Ogleface' south-west of Birkenshaw on the west bank of Leugy River (Barbauchlaw Burn) B or W
1630,  H. Hondius Imprint. A new description of the shyres Lothian and Linlitquo / T. Pont ; Jodocus Hondius caelavit sumptibus Andrae Hart. Buildings at E. Balbachla, appearing west of Birkenshaw and north of the drove road and of W. Balbachla. A building is also marked at Woodend. W
1636 -1652 Gordon Imprint Sterlinshyr & Lennox, [and], Sterlingshyre, wt a part of the Lennox, and sum of Clydsdail. Map 50 'Crag Ogleface' south-west of Birkenshaw on the west bank of River (Barbauchlaw Burn) B or W
1654 Joan Blaeu's Atlas of Scotland: Sterlinensis praefectura, [vulgo], Sterlin-Shyr, Auct. Timoth. Pont 'Crag Ogleface'  south-west of Birkenshaw on the west side of Leugy River (Barbauchlaw Burn) B or W
1654 Joan Blaeu's Atlas of Scotland: Lothian and  Linlitquo, Jon. et Cornelius Blaeu exc. Buildings at E. Balbachla, appearing west of Birkenshaw and north of the drove road and of W. Balbachla (which appears west of the Craig Hills). A building is also marked at Woodend, puzzlingly south of the river in a position normally associated with 'The Place' in Barbauchlaw Estate. W?
1684 Imprint. Adair's Mappe of Wast Lothian comonly called Linlithgowshire Buildings at W, B
1737 Cooper imprint of Adair's West Lothian Survey Building at B no name given
1744 Imprint. Elphinstone ; Thos. Smith, A New and Correct map of the Lothians from Mr. Adair's observations No ref.
1747 - 1755 Roy's Great Military Survey Structure north of Barbachly (Barbauchlaw Estate) W
1773 Armstrong's Map of the Three Lothians Ogelface in Ruins B
1776 Taylor and Skinner's Road Map, Plate 13 Ogelface Ruins B
1806 Smith's New Map of the UK Ogleface Ruins, north of Barbauchlaw Estate W
1818 Forrest, Linlithgow Shire No ref. 'E. Craigs in ruin' northern side of drove road
1820 Thomson, Linlithgowshire No ref. 'E. Craigs in ruin' northern side of drove road
1821 Imprint. Ainslie's  Map of the Southern Part of Scotland. Right Side No ref.
1856 Linlithgowshire Map 1;10,560 Cattle shelter marked on Blackridge site B
1899 OS  1 inch, 2nd Edition, Sheet 31, Airdrie No ref.
1912 Bartholomew's Edinburgh, Plate 26 No ref.
1926 OS  1 inch, 'Popular' Edition, Sheet 73 Woodend: Castle (site of) W
1978 OS  decision not to depict 'site of' sites on maps 'Site of Ogilface Castle' at Woodend removed


Taylor and Skinner's road map of 1776

(From a simplified 7x4 inch pocket book version printed approximately 20 years later)


Ogilface Notes

Ogilface Name Origins

' 'High plain or field’, v. UCHEL, MAES. The first part of this name is in no doubt; it is the Celtic word uxellos, high, W. uchel, Gael. uasal, noble, which appears in several place-names in Scotland in the form of Ochil-; cf. Ochiltree, supra, p.61 The second part is pretty certainly a form with spirant mutation of W. maes, an open field, a plain; cf. CPNS 378. The land round Ogilface is a fairly uniform 700 feet above sea-level.'

'British names are found for important strategic points e.g. Linlithgow, Bathgate, Ochiltree, Ogilface'

Place Names of West Lothian by Angus Macdonald (1941)

Area covered by the Barony of Ogilface 

The lands were bounded by the River Avon on the North, Logie Water on the East, Barbauchlaw Burn* on the South, and via Cockup Toll and Drumtassie Burn** on the West. (Robert Kerr)

*sometimes called Craigs Water; ** sometimes called Linn Burn

Old roads around Ogilface

The Road from Newbattle Abbey to the Monklands

Description of the southern part of Ogilface Barony:

In 1476, a Papal Bull of Sixtus IV described the southern part of the area as:

'remote and like a desert, though inhabited, and it is an infertile and cold mountain region, on account of which, the cold and the distance of the place, many of the inhabitants there die without receiving the church sacraments and incur many other dangers'

Cited in Stuart Borrowman's history, Behind God's Back, The Story of Blackridge, which also contains the following description of the landscape as:

' windswept moor land, relieved by the narrow valley of the Barbauchlaw Burn and the drier land on and adjacent to the great whin sill that runs west to east through the village (known to geologists as the Lenzie-Torphichen Dyke).'

Life was hard for the local inhabitants who lived in small fermtouns in the seventeenth century because of 'acid soils, windy conditions and high rainfall.'  Winter feeding of animals, as well as spring ploughing, was difficult.  On higher ground, grey oats, barley and some vegetables were grown, but the diet of hard-pressed labourers was generally meagre.

Useful information relevant to details in the Ogilface References Chronological List
  • The Feudal Baronies of Scotland
  • Syllabus of Scottish Cartularies - Holyrood
  • *Teinds: Scottish equivalent of the English tithes
  • ** de Bosco = du Bois = du Boys = Wood, a name found across England and Scotland. Here is a nice example of an Enfeoffment with warranty with Thomas du Bois and John du Bois (Thoma de Bosco, Iohanne de Bosco) as witnesses.
  • Enfeoffment: The deed by which a person was given land in exchange for a pledge of service

  • Strath: valley

Ogilface References in Chronological Order

Alternative spellings and references are given for relevant places within the Barony of Ogilface, 

e.g. the strath of Ogilface, East Craigs and West Craigs, Woodquarter and Woodend


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  14. Research of the late Robert Kerr

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable help that Place Names of West Lothian by Angus Macdonald (1941) gives researchers when they begin to explore the origins of the place names of their West Lothian locality.


Date: 1107 - 1124

The seven children of Malcolm III Canmore (b1031, ruled 1158 - d1093) and Margaret Atheling (c1043 - 1093),  spent their early lives in the court of Henry I of England (whom their sister Edith (Matilda) (c1070 -1118) married in 1100). Malcolm's brother Donald Bane took possession of the throne (1093 - 1094; Duncan II 1094; Donald Bane (restored) 1094 - 1097). Malcolm's son, Edgar ruled from 1097 - 1107, but when he died without heir, Alexander (b1080, ruled 1107- d1124) and David (b1082, ruled 1124 - d1153). Alexander became King of Scots, ruling the lands north of the Forth while David ruled Scotland's southern territories, the Lothians and Strathclyde.  David's marriage to Maud de Senlis in 1113 brought him the Earldom of Huntingdon and Northamptonshire lands. 

Date: 1124 - 1153

After Alexander's death, there were no heirs who could succeed him, and so David I took control of all the lands.  As a result of ensuing Celtic risings, David dispossessed the rebels of their lands and granted them to Norman or English individuals, e.g. Carriden to the Vipont (de Veteri Ponte) family and the lands of Ogilface (?).


Date: c1150

'William de Veteripont owned Oggilface (in Linlithgow) which he granted to Holyrood in the mid 12thc.

Between 1147 and 1150 William de Vipont # held Ogilface. (Early Scottish Charters Prior to 1153. 1905) "A mid-twelfth-century charter of the earliest William de Vieuxpont to appear in Scottish record..anent Ogilface in Torphicen, was witnessed by, i. a., Reginald "of Ponthieu" (de Puntiu), Ponthieu being not far to the east of Eu, along with Richard de Vieuxponti, Roger Quirem, Roger 'of Carriden', and Godwin of 'Carriden'. His first wife** was Emma St. Hilarie by whom he had three sons, all Williams, was heiress of Blackness and Carriden." (The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History, The Ford Lectures delivered in the University of Oxford in Hilary Term 1977. G. W. S. Barrow 1980.”

I believe this may be the same Richard Vipont holding 1 3/4 fees of Reginald de Vale Torta in Brodewood, Devon according to the Testa de Nevill. In 1203, there is a confirmation of the gift of lands in Ogilface to [Holyrood Abbey] by William Vipont. (Register of the Great Seal of Scotland.)'

'William de Bosco witnessed the confirmation of William, King of Scots to Ivo Vipont “those lands which William his father held.”

“Charters of William II de Vieuxpont relating to Scotland were witnessed by William ‘de Butemund [Kelso Liber] and by Roger and William ‘de la Lecqueraye.’ Bouttemount, in the commune of Ouilly-le vicomte, is in the district of Auge in middle Normandy, some 25 km north-east of Vieuxpont-en-Auge, whence the Vieuxpont family is believed to have come to Britain. [Another family connected is] Bosco. Walter del Bois or de Bosco, whose son and heir was called Richard, held at the close of the twelfth century the now deserted village of Carruthers, in a heavily populated corner of Annandale...The charters by which Walter gave land at Carruthers to Durham Cathedral Priory were witnessed by two men apparently from Yorkshire, Ralph of Wassand in the East Riding and Robert ‘of Lithum,’ probably Kirkleatham in the North Riding.”

The Anglo Norman Era in Scottish History: The Colonists: (I) The great lords and their families. G.W.S. Barrow: Oxford: 1980.'

source: pajunkinbellsouth.net

# He granted a tithe to the monks of Holyrood Abbey to dig coal from his Carriden estate. 

**His second wife was Maude de Morville.


Date: 12th century-13th century

Ref no: GD45/13/243  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Charter by "W. de Veteri Ponte" [William II de Vieuxpont], first-born of the three sons of Emma de St Hilaire, who grants to Holyrood Abbey all the teind of the charcoal pit of "Kareddin" [Carriden, West Lothian], and 10 d. on all the ship and boats loaded and unloaded in his land of "Blackenis" [Blackness], in pure and perpetual alms.


Date: 1165 - 1214



Bannatyne Club 70 (Macdonald 1941)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS   (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 1198 - 1214

App.II 7 William de Veteri Ponte: land of Ogilface: 1198 x 1214

   [Date: cf. no.43, 45]



Date: 1202 - 38




Bannatyne Club 69 (Macdonald 1941)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 1203


Bannatyne Club 70 (Macdonald 1941)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 4 November 1203

No.43  William de Veteri Ponte: teinds* of and hunting at Ogilface: x

   4.11.1203 [Date: x no.44]


No. 44 William de Veteri Ponte, son of William and Emma: confirmation of no. 43: 1196 x 4.11.1203

[William, king's chaplain x no.45]



Date: x November 1203

Ref No: GD45/13/245  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Charter by William de Veteri Ponte [Vieuxpont] who grants to Holyrood Abbey in free and perpetual alms his teinds on his land of Oggelfast [Ogilface] and on his hunt, and the teinds of the men living on said land.

Witnesses: "T. Fornus", chaplain; Ralph, chaplain; Richard de "Veteri Ponte" [Vieuxpont]; Roger "Quirem"; Reginald de "Puntiv"; Roger de "Careden" [Carriden]; Godwin de "Careden" [Carriden]; Adam de "Hele"; Theobald "Pistore"; William de "Butemund".

Bannatyne Club 70, 1840. Page 34, No. 43

See also: Bannatyne Club 70, 1840. Page 35, No. 44


No. 45 William I, King: confirmation of no. 44: 4.11.1203

[RRS ii no 434]


Date: 4 November 1203 at Forfar

Ref No: GD45/13/246  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Charter by William I who confirms to Holyrood Abbey the land of Okelfas [Ogilface] granted by William de Veteri Ponte [de Vieuxpont], within its boundaries and with all its appurtenances, in free, pure and perpetual alms.

Witnesses: Walter, chaplain of the King; Philip de Valognes [Lord of Bemvie and Panmure], chamberlain of the King; William Cumin [Lord of Lenzie and Kirkintilloch, sheriff of Forfar]; William "de Bosch" [de Bosco, del Bois]; David "de Haia" [de la Hay]; William of Moray; Richard Revel [Lord of Coultra]; Henry Revel.  Written by William de Bosco when Florence was Chancellor.

Publication: G W S Barrow (ed), 'Regesta Regum Scottorum, volume 2, the Acts of William I, King of Scots, 1165-1214' (Edinburgh, 1971), no. 434 

Bannatyne Club 70, 1840. Page 37, No. 45


Date: At some time between 1211 and c1213


No 324, p. 320, Malveisin, William, bp of St Andrews: settlement between Holyrood and Hospitallers on the teinds and gifts of Ogilface

[Date Simon pr. of St Andrews x Isaac Scott (Watt graduates)]


Date: At some time between 28 June 1211 and 29 November 1224

No.46  Walter, abb., and conv., and Walter, master of Torphichen: agreement

   anent teinds* of Ogilface: 28.6.1211 x 29.11.1224

   [Date: William de Bosco chancellor]



Ref No: GD45/13/247  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Agreement between the abbot W. and convent of Holyrood on the one hand, and Walter "Magistrum" [master] and the brethren of "Torphean" [Torphichen] on the other, with regard to the dispute sent before the ecclesiastical judges about the teinds and obventions of Ogilfas [Ogilface]. By the authority of the judges, in presence of "W. de Bosch" [William del Bois], the King's chancellor, and other knowledgeable men, the abbot and convent of Holyrood agree to concede to the brethren all the teinds and ecclesiastical incomes that they used to receive on the land of Ogilface. The brethren will hold it freely but will give back to Holyrood Abbey every year 4 marks of silver, 2 at the day of Pentecost and 2 at the day of St Martin. In order for this agreement to remain unchanged and not revoked, the ecclesiastical judges, the convent of the chapter of St Andrews and the chapter of the Hospital of Lundon [London] signed [no names].

Bannatyne Club 70, 1840, page 36, No. 46


No date: Supplies levied to the lord's table at Torphichen Preceptory included the 'ten guise against yule' as part payment of its teind from Gaitmore in Ogleface Barony.

From the excellent 'The Knights of St John of Jerusalem in Scotland,' ed. Cowan, Ian Borthwick. Mackay, P. H. R. Macquarrie, Alan,  printed for the Scottish History Society by C. Constable, Edinburgh, 1983.


Date: 1214 - 49


Bannatyne Club 70 (Macdonald 1941)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 1217

Ref No: CH7/4   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Bull of Pope Honorius III to the abbot of Holyrood "de castro puellarum", confirming their possessions and, specially, Inchetrail in Galloway, the waste that is called Okelfas [Ogilface], a carrucate in Dalgernoc, Linton Mill, teinds of the royal lordship of Pentland, a carrucate in Faweside, annual rent of a ½ merk in the mill of Alstaneford, a ½ carrucate in Nodrif, a house in Suberewic, with 2 oxengates in Gorgin, half of the Port of Leith etc. At the Lateran XIV Kal. April, 1st year of his pontificate 

Holyrood Cartulary Appendix I/10.

Bannatyne Club 70, pages 184 - 186, No.10


Context Info re William de Bosco

Date: 12 Nov 1218

Ref no: GD103/2/4/3 Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Transcript of Papal Bull of Honorius III granting remission to William de Bosco, chancellor of Scotland, for failure to purge himself at Rome of rebellion against the King, and granting him absolution and restoring him to office and benefices.


Date: 1253

Archibald, Master of Torphichen Preceptory, granted Newbattle monks the right to cross his lands on their way to their estate at Kipps, [west of Ogilface], (Monklands, which had been granted to them around 1162). 

Chart. Newbotle, No. 220.

[The road they may have constructed across the land, connecting their possessions at Newbattle to their estate at Kipps, would have crossed through the Ogilface lands via Colinshiel, Barbauchlaw, Woodend, Tannoch, along the top of Craig Hill, and past Bedlormie, before continuing onwards to Kipps, the area north of Coatbridge and Airdrie.]


Date: 1303


Bain, vol II, no.1429 (Macdonald 1941)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: c1303  (original grant made by the petitioner 25 July 1301)

Petition by John de Antry*, valet of the earl of Lincoln to the King and council, asking that the King will grant him lands elsewhere in compensation for the manor of Ogilface, which the King had granted to Barde.  At the instance of the earl, the King granted the lands that belonged to du Bois, but, also, subsequently, granted Uggelfas to Barde from the same lands.  The keeper and chamberlain were ordered to hear the petition and do justice.

The petition refers to the original grant made to the petitioner on the Feast of St James the Apostle (25 July 1301).  The petition follows shortly afterwards but before the end of Edward I's reign.  Names included in the document: [Henry de Lacy], Earl of Lincoln, Thomas du Bois, William Barde.

The National Archives, Documents Online: Cat Ref (Special Collections): SC 8/90/4460 Piece: 4451 - 4500

[* Could this be Vintry instead of Antry?

Henry de Lacy, third Earl of Lincoln, confidant of Edward I, was born c1251 and he died in February 1311.  He was Chief Councillor to the King and was appointed Protector of the Realm during Edward I's absence in Scotland.]


Date: 1320  et passim to 1409


Bannatyne Club 70; Bann Cl 89

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 12 March 1320/1

Thomas de Bosco, Lord of Ogylface [Ogilface], confirmed a charter (probably given about 1280) of his father to the monks of Newbattle giving free passage through the lands of Ogilface on the way to Monklands near Airdrie.  (By the 14th century, the first feus within the Barony seem to have been sold off.)

Chart. Newbotle, No. 221.

Carta Thome de Bosco, Registrum de Neubotle

Bannatyne Club 89, page 160, No 201.  The confirmation of the charter was witnessed by Gaufdode Mowbray and others.


Date: 1386 et passim to 1681


Bannatyne Club 89; Purv.

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 8 May 1386  at Holyrood Abbey

No.104  Beatrix de Bosco**, d. of Sir Thomas, widow: resignation of rights in strath of Ogilface: 8.5.1386 [At Holyrood]


Ref No: GD45/13/266  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Charter by Beatrix "de Bosco" [del Bois], daughter and heir of the late lord Thomas "de Bosco" knight, widow, who, for the salvation of her soul and of her parents, predecessors and successors, surrenders per fustem et baculum to John [de Leith], abbot of Holyrood, all the rights her and her heirs have on lands and appurtenances in the "Strath" of Ogilface [West Lothian], its mill, "Mukras Brighous", the garden of Andrew in the boundaries of the barony of Ogilface, in the shire of Edinburgh, to hold in pure and perpetual alms with all their liberties, profits and easements. None will be allowed to claim these lands and rights. If her heirs contravene to this decision, she obliges them to pay to Holyrood Abbey £40 sterling per year before judgement. To pay these fines, her heirs, executors and assignees will have to sell and alienate their movable and immovable goods as long as they keep hindering the abbot. Holyrood Abbey does not have to pay a rent back. The bishop of St Andrews will make sure her charter is obeyed. Beatrix swore an oath on the Gospels and sealed.

Bannatyne Club 70, 1840. Page 102, No. 104


Date: 1390 - 1406

Between 1390 and 1406 King Robert III granted to Canons of Holyrood a Regal Jurisdiction over their Barony of Ogilface.

Regist. Robert III., Rot. x.


Date: 1392

'Ogleface '

RMS (Watson 1926)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: 1392

Bannatyne Club 70. Page 225, No. 18

'terras de Ogilfas que pertinent ad dictum vice comitatum ac etiam terras suas de Caldecotis...'

Witnesses included: Archibald of Douglas, Matthew and Gilbert of Glasgow and Aberdeen; Robert of Fife and of Monteith; Jacob of Douglas, Lord of Dalkeith; Thomas of Erskine; Alexander of Cockburn of Langton.


Date:  20 Jun 1392

Ref No: RH1/2/689        Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Indenture between John of Murref, Lord of Ogylface, and John of Nudre, whereby the former sets in tack to the latter his lands of Westyrcragis of Ogylface [Craigs of Ogilface], as possessed by the deceased Patrick Young, in the constabulary of Lynlythcou, for three years, for payment of 40 merks sterling at Byrkynschaw of Ogylface on the Sunday before Martinmas 


Date: 1392

'WESTCRAIGS is Westecrage of Eglisface'

in Historical Manuscripts Commission, Scottish Reports

cited in Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1409 et passim to 1688

'(Lie) Strath'

Bann Cl 70;  KS Tor.

Bannatyne Club 70. Pages 133 onwards, No. 117. Date: 1409: places mentioned: 'strath' [strath of Ogilface?], 'mukrath' [Muckraw], 'orto andre' [Andrew's garden], 'molendino' [mill], 'brighows'


Date: 1424

The Register of the Great Seal shows that Sir John de Murrefe (Murray) of Ogylface [Ogilface] granted the lands of Bedlormie to Sir John Forstare of Costorphine, Master of the King's Household.

Bannatyne Club 70. Pages 233-4, No.22

See also: Bannatyne Club 70. Page 135, No.118 (Date 1426?)


Date: 16 September 1427

Ref No: GD158/220   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Indenture between Patrick, abbot of Halyrudhous, and convent of that ilk, on one part, and James of Douglas, Lord of Balwany, on other part whereby they are both to pay `the mark of annuale auch to the hous of Torpheichin out of the barony of Ogilface', evenly between them.      


Date: 1427

Ref No: GD24/5/1/40  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Instrument narrating that John of Murray of Ogilface compeared in monastery of Holy Rood in Edinburgh, in presence of the abbot and chapter chapterly assembled, and there resigned his lands of Ogilface in constabulary of Lynlithqw

Bannatyne Club 70, pages 136 - 137, No 119: places in 'Ogillface' mentioned were 'Culycaty', 'Cragygall', 'Weytakre' and 'Lytill Bryghowss'. Date: 1426/7


Date: 1450

Robert de Livingston, Keeper of the Palace of Linlithgow from 1434 - 1449 who possessed the lands of Ogilface and Middle Binning, was found guilty of the crime of lese-majestie and executed.


RMS (Watson 1926)

EARLY ATTESTATIONS    (Bethany Fox/Dr Alaric Hall)


Date: c1450

'About 1450, William, Lord Livingstone, became owner of the Barony, including Bedlormie, when he got it as part of his wife's dowry.'

Research notes by the late Robert Kerr


Date: 1483

Ref no: NRAS 2177/Bundle 144

Title: Writs of Bothwell


(1) Great Seal charter granted to Stephen Lokart, 20 merks of land of lordship of Bothvile, in town of Bothvile, on south side thereof, in sheriffdom of Lanark, occupied, under said Stephen, by John Baxtare, James Raa and others, 27 September 1483

RMS vol 2., no 1567

(2) Instrument of sasine following on no. (1), 3 October 1483

Notary - William Bratrame, Glasgow diocese

Witnesses: James Forest of Ogilfas, John Bastare, James Raa, Thomas Schervynd, John Hammiltoun, John Spens, John Massoun and sir Gilbert Gray, canon of Benedictine order, and sir Anthony Deloch


Date: 1500 - 1503

10 June: 'Andrew Forest, son, and irrevocable procurator of Isabella Nudri, daughter and one of the heirs of the late John Nudri of Ogilface' Protocol Book of John Foular, 9 March 1500 - 1 to 18 September 1503


Date: 3 June 1527

Ref No: RH11/43/1  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Baronies of Kerse and Ogilface: Extract verdict of assize re. mill of Polmont      


Date: 1538

'By 1538, the Barony of Little Brighouse appears to have hived off the barony of Ogilface, for in that year, the Abbacy of Holyrood House gave Rab Gibb of Carriber a Feu Farm Charter of the lands of Killecanty, Craigengall, Birkenshaw, Netherhillhouse, Overhillhouse, Craigengaw,  La Strath de Ogilface  and Strathmill, all within the barony of Ogilface, at a yearly rental of £30.2s.4d.'

Research notes by the late Robert Kerr


Date: 1539 - 1540 Rental

From the excellent 'The Knights of St John of Jerusalem in Scotland,' ed. Cowan, Ian Borthwick. Mackay, P. H. R. Macquarrie, Alan,  printed for the Scottish History Society by C. Constable, Edinburgh, 1983.

'The teindis of the parochian of torphichin bewest the wattir' included payments from:

  • the mekyll and littil brighouss

  • kyllicanty

  • Wodquartar

  • byrkinschaw

  • badlormy

  • Cantiscragis

  • Gaitmor

  • craginnwy

  • Vuer hilhouse

  • Nethir hilhouss

  • Androis zardis

  • cragingalle

  • ouerweitakyr

  • Nethirweitakyr

  • mukraw with the pendiculis

  • wodend

  • Estcrag

  • Wostcrag

  • Blakfald

  • Wedow Millar

  • the first steid of the Straitht

  • Wauchis steid

  • Johne Fleming

  • Wedow cunnyngam

  • Wedow Willamsonis

  • Lugy bray

  • brus of Kylmanheid




Date: 1540/1




Date: c1540 et passim to 1607


Rent Tor; RMS


Date: c1540 et passim to 1607

'Wodqrtar' of Ogilface

Rent Tor; RMS


Date: c1540 et passim to 1565


Rent Tor

'EASTCRAIG(S) is Estcrag(e)'

SRS, 52 (Protocol Books of Dominus Thomas Johnsoun, 1528 - 1578) 1920

Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1557

Archibald Walkar of West Craige of Ogilface negotiated a payment of teinds (£6) owed to Thomas Dik, Torphichen's vicar. 

Witness: Patrick Merschell of West Crage.


Date: 1559

James Westoun in Westcrags witnessed the granting of a pension from income of the Ogilface Estate.

SRS, 57 (Protocol Books of James Foulis, 1546 - 1553, and Nicol Thounis, 1559 - 1564)  1927.


Date: 29 August 1560

Ref No: GD124/1/1139  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Instrument of sasine in favour of Elizabeth Hammiltoun [Hamilton], spouse of John Maxwel of Calderwood, of annual rent of 40 merks Scots from lands of Meikle and Little Brighouse, in barony of Ogilface, sheriffdom of Linlithgow, following on charter, l6 August, l560, by Elizabeth Murray, mother of said Elizabeth. Notary - Nicholas Thownis [Towns], clerk, St Andrews diocese.


Date: 1564 - 1645

Patrick Walkar in Badlormy witnessed a land transaction.  His descendant, Patrick, was the last of the Walker line because he had no sons.  In 1645, his daughter, Susanna, married Sir Alexander Livingstone.  Thus, Bedlormie passed to the Livingstones and Sir Alexander became Livingstone of Ogilface, Craigengall and Bedlormie.


Date: 1565 et passim to 1607




Date: 5 November 1568

Ref No: GD124/1/1143   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Instrument of sasine propiis manibus by James Wethirspwne [Wotherspoon] of Brighoussis [Brighouse], with consent of Elizabeth Hammyltoun, his mother, to Archibald Brus of Powfoulis of annual rent of 20 merks Scots from lands of Brighoussis, in barony of Ogilface, sheriffdom of Linlithqw [Linlithgow]. Notary - Thomas Johnson, priest, St Andrews diocese.   



Ref No: GD124/1/1149   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Letter of reversion (in Scots) by Henry Dunkan, [burgess of Glasgow], to James Wethirspowne [Wotherspoon] of Brighouse in respect of annual rent of 42 merks from lands of Wrychtakeris, in barony of Ogilface, sheriffdom of Linlithgow, granted by said James to said Henry and Elizabeth Carribber [Carruber], his mother.


Date: 1568

'Cragis of Ogilface'

SRS, 52 (Protocol Books of Dominus Thomas Johnsoun, 1528 - 1578.) 1920.

Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1573


SRS 52 (Protocol Books of Dominus Thomas Johnsoun, 1528 - 1578.) 1920.


Date: 1577

'West Crage of Ogilface'

SRS, 52 (Protocol Books of Dominus Thomas Johnsoun, 1528 - 1578.) 1920.

Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 28 November 1578

Ref No: GD75/716  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Acquittance by James [1st] Lord Torphicen, to George Dundas of that ilk, tacksman of teinds on west side of water of Lugey and towns in barony of Ogilface, lordship and parish of Torphichen, sheriffdom of Linlithqw, of £51 10s. scots as tack duty


Date: 20 February 1584 - 1585

72.  'Notarial Instrument taken in the dwelling-house of Henry Drummond of Richartoun within the burgh of Linlythw, on 20th February 1584-5, in the hands of Andrew Ker, clerk, of the diocese of St Andrews, notary public, and James Johnestoun, co-notary, narrating the personal compearance before him and the witnesses aforementioned, of Margaret and Agnes Polwarthis the two eldest daughters of James Polwarth of Coustoune lawfully procreated between him and umquhile Elizabeth Drummond their mother......renounced and discharged their heirs and assignees all right and claim "propertie, possessione and kyndnes" by virtue of the contract of marriage, registered 9 June 1561,....in particular the lands of Couston with the pertinents in the sheriffdom of Linlythgw  and the half lands of Craig in the barony of Ogilface....'

A Calendar of Charters and Other Writs, 341.


Date: 30 November 1588

Ref No: GD119/232  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Receipt by James Cochrane of Ogilface to Robert Williamsone Writer for 1000 merks. Scots as the price of the lands of Middle Murestoun in the barony of Calder Comitis

Signed before James Hendersone apparent of Drydane, James Hammiltoun son to James Hammiltoun of Levingstoun and others witnesses


Date: 3 October 1589

Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow vol. 1: 1573-1642 (1914), pp. 126-48.
'The quhilk day, Johnne Rolland, in the Craigis of Ogilface, is decernit in ane wrang and amerchiament of court, for streking of David Wilsoun, sone to Archibald Wilsoun, merchand, with ane rung and his faldit neiffis and handis, as also for drawing of ane quhingar to him; and dome gevin thairupoun. '


Date: c1590


British Museum manuscript

cited in Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: c1590 - 1591

'Sir William Livingstone purchased the Superiority of Ogilface from John Cockburn of Clerkington for 2,000 merks. (At various times, parts of the barony found themselves in ownership of men who married Livingstone daughters.)' [His wife's family had bought Ogilface for him as part of her dowry.]

Research notes of the late Robert Kerr


Date: 1591 et passim to 1684


HMC;  KS Tor


Date: 1593




Date: 1593

' Alexander, 1st Earl of Linlithgow had a charter for the possession of the Barony of Ogilface.'

 Research of the late Robert Kerr.  See also The Scottish Antiquary, or, Northern Notes and Queries (1890)


Date: 1597 et passim to 1662

'Woodquarter of Ogilface'



Date: 1597

'Lie Eistcraig de Ogilface'

'Lie Eistcraigis de Ogilface'


Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1599

'The Barony of Ogilface and Bridgehouse formed a Regality that belonged to the powerful Lords Livingstone of Callendar and Earls of Linlithgow, who owned it until 1715.'

Source unknown - research of the late Robert Kerr



'Eistcraigs of Ogilface'

Minutes of the Evidents of Templelands, 1582 - 4, 1583 - 99, 1580 - 1610.

Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1607

'West Craigis'


Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1607  et passim to 1676

'Eist, Eister Craigs, -es, -is'

Kirk Session records for Torphichen.


Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 1607

'Alexander Livingstone, Earl of Linlithgow, as owner of Ogilface, made a temporary grant of Bedlormie to George Forrester (later, the lands returned to the Livingstones.)'

Source unknown - research of the late Robert Kerr


Date: 1608

'Brighouse and Ogleface formed a regality which belonged to the earl of Linlithgow while his family were free of forfeiture.  Dougl. Peer. 413; Roberts. Index 155;

Alexander, second Earl of Linlithgow, obtained in 1608 a grant of the hereditary office of justiciary and baillie of the barony of Ogilface, with the village and lands of Bedlormie and Wester-Craigs.'

Douglass Peerage, 413, quotes the charter in the Records.

See 'Caledonia : or, a historical and topographical account of North Britain, from the most ancient to the present times with a dictionary of places chorographical & philological (1887)'


Date: 9 Nov 1613


Ref No: GD1/117/1   Repository: National Library of Scotland

Charter by Alexander, Lord Linlithgow in favour of John Tennend in Wester Dalquharne of the east pendicle of the lands of Muckraw called North Lugiebray presently occupied by James Auld, in barony of Egilsait [?Ogilface], regality of Holyroodhouse and sheriffdom of Linlithgow.


Date: 1614

'Wodquarter de Ogilface'



Date: 1538 - 1806

Ref No: GB233/Ch.1210-34  Repository: National Library of Scotland

Title: Neilson Collection: West Lothian

Description: Ch.1210-33. Bathgate Burgh, Barony, and Parish: miscellaneous deeds 1538-1806. Ch.1210-11, 1216, 1218-21, 1223-6, 1229, 1233 in Latin.
Ch.1234. Ogilface Regality: instrument of sasine, 1640. Latin.


Date: 17 November 1641, Edinburgh:

Charles I's Ratification in favour of 'his majesty's right trusty cousin and councillor James, lord Livingstone of Almond and Callander' .  Included lands and barony of Ogilface. 

Ref NAS, PA2/22, f.274r-274v.  1641/8/350 See http://www.rps.ac.uk/


Date: 29 July 1644

Charles I's Ratification in favour 'his majesty's right trusty cousin and councillor, James, earl of Callander, lord Livingstone of Almond and to Dame Margaret Hay, countess of Dunfermline, his spouse...'

Included: 'all and whole the lands and barony of Ogleface, namely: the lands of Bighouse, Straid and Straithmylne, Killicuntie, Birkenshaw, Wet Acres, Over and Nether Hillhouse, Craigmegall, Drumbuie, Andrewsyard, Killmondheid, Salterhill, Muckraw, Blackfauld, south and north Lugiebraes, with manor places, houses, buildings, yards, orchards, moss, muirs, meadows, parts, pendicles and pertinents of all and sundry the same lands and barony of Ogleface, ..............And because by the aforesaid charter there is no part designed which shall be the head burgh of the said new regality of Callander and Ogleface for proclaiming brieves, denunciations and others belonging to the said regality, and that half of the said town of Falkirk lies within the barony of Callander, which borders the said barony of Ogleface, therefore the said estates of parliament declare and ordain the town and burgh of Falkirk to be the head burgh of the said regality of the said regalities of Callander and Ogleface and all brieves to be served within the tolbooth thereof.'

Ref: NAS. PA2/23, f.130r-132v. 1644/6/304 See http://www.rps.ac.uk/


Date: 1644


Cat Tor


Date: 1647 - 1784

Ref No: GD150/3605  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Titles to the lands of West Craigs of Ogilface in the parish of Torphichen, sheriffdom of Linlithgow, deponed by James, Earl of Hopetoun to Charles Watson of Saughton in 1787.   


Date: 1662 et passim to 1675




Date: 1667  et passim to 1688

'West Craigs, -es'

Dundas deeds, etc.  Adam D. Dundas of Dundas

SRS, 40 (Parish Register of Torphichen, 1673 - 1714. 1911.)

Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 11 September 1672

Charles II's Ratification to Alexander Cochrane of Barbauchlaw

Included: 'forty shilling land of Barbauchlaw, with the manor place, houses, biggings, orchards, yards, mill, mill-lands, multures, tenants, tenantries, service of free tenants, parts, pendicles and pertinents thereof, lying within the parish of Bathgate and sheriffdom of Renfrew by annexation; and also, of all and whole the lands of Westcraig of Ogilface, with the pertinents, with tenants, tenantries and service of free tenants thereof, lying within the barony of Ogilface, sheriffdom of Linlithgow; and likewise, of all and whole the undoubted and irrevocable heritable bailiary of all and whole the foresaid lands of Westcraig of Ogilface, with the pertinents thereof'

'the lands and others underwritten, namely, the lands commonly called the wood quarter of Ogilface, the lands of Woodend, the lands of Gaitmore, the lands of Cantiescraigs and the lands of Craig-Marrie, with houses, biggings, orchards, yards, parts, pendicles and all their pertinents whatsoever, lying within the barony of Ogilface, regality of Broughton and sheriffdom of Linlithgow'

Ref NAS. PA2/30, f.8-10. 1672/6/126 See http://www.rps.ac.uk/


Date:  1674


SRS 40


Date:  1675


KS Tor


Date:  1678 et passim to 1691 SRS 40


KS Tor


Date:  1682


KS Tor


Date: 20 Mar 1683 at Edinburgh

GD90: Yule Collection c1144-1898;    GD90/1:Charters c1144-1790

Ref No: GD90/1/273  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Discharge by Katherine Lauder, relict of James Wethirspoun of Brighous, assignee of her said husband, to Alexander Stewart, `now' of Brighous, of the Bond of Reversion of the lands of Brighous, mekill and litill `with the toure, fortilise, maner place and vtheris landis', in the barony of Ogilface and sheriffdom of Linlithgow, containing the sum of 8,000 merks


Date: 1686 et passim to 1699


KS Tor; SRS, 40 (Parish Register of Torphichen, 1673 - 1714. 1911.)

Place Names of West Lothian (1941)


Date: 14 Sept 1705

Ref No: PA7/19

Title: Supplementary Parliamentary Papers 1704 - 1705

Details: Memorandum for 4 fairs and a weekly market at East Craigs of Ogilface, parish of Torphichen [to Alexander Livingston of Bedlormie], [printed, APS, XI, p. 278]

'a weekly market and four yearly fairs, on the days following, at the East Craigs of Ogilface, lying within the parish of Torphichen and shire of Linlithgow, and belonging to Alexander Livingstone of Bedlormie, do therefore, by this act, appoint a market to be kept and held weekly on Tuesday, and four fairs yearly, in all time coming, to be kept one upon 12 February, another on 11 June, another on 22 August and the other on 2 November, at the said East Craigs of Ogilface' ref 1705/6/171 and A1705/6/28 See http://www.rps.ac.uk/


Date: 22 Jan 1707

Ref No: NRAS 1466/24

Instrument of sasine following on precept, 8 November 1706, by Jonet Dalyell, daughter and heir of deceased Geillis Fergussone, relict of James Duncan, eldest son of deceased Mr James Duncan in Torphichen, in favour of John Walker of Andrews Yards, in part of two merkland of Streth called Duntassie and Ellrigesyde, in regality of Ogleface, parish of Torphichen, sheriffdom of Linlithgow.


Date: 2 November 1716

Ref No: E644/1  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Title: Forfeited Estates: Linlithgow: Rentals and related papers 

Details: Depositions anent rents and feu duties payable to the late Earl of Linlithgow out of the shire of Linlithgow, to him as heritable keeper of the palace, and out of the regality of Ogleface, his own property.


Date: 15 February 1728

Ref No: GD76/128  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Disposition by James Walker, son and apparent heir of deceased John Walker of Andrewesyeards, to James Dinmuir of Strethloan, of the wester pendicle of the mains of Muckrane called Kelmonhead, and of the north high moss of Drumtassyridge, and of part of lands of Andrewesyeards called Kilmonridge, in barony of Ogilface and sheriffdom of Linlithgow


Date: 1759-1760

Ref No: RHP6735 Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Tile: Plan of the lands of Wood Quarter, Eastcraigs, West Craigs and Craigengall [surveyed by John Leslie]

Detail: Owner: Rt Hon Earl of Hopetoun

Date: 1776-1818

Repository National Archives of Scotland   Ref No: GD150/3839     

Title: Hornings, tacks and rentals of Redburn, part of the lands of Westcraigs of Ogleface in the parish of Torphichen


Date: 31 January 1778

Ref No: CS96/2   Repository: National Archives of Scotland
Title: York Buildings Company. Proof of rental
Description: Callendar and Linlithgow estates, comprising baronies of Callendar and Falkirk and superiorities of Slamannan, Ogilface and subjects in Linlithgow.

Former Ref Process: CS25/1788 January 31/Walsh and others v York Buildings Company


Date: 8 August 1783

Sale of the Superiorities of the Barony of Ogilface by public roup at Edinburgh on 8 August 1783.  The set up of £281 11s 3d produced £1,350, reported in an article about The York Building Company in The Aberdeen Journal 9 January 1850.


Date: 1787 - 1841

Ref No: GD150/3606   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Titles to the lands of West Craigs of Ogilface in the parish of Torphichen, sheriffdom of Linlithgow, deponed by James, Earl of Hopetoun to Charles Watson of Saughton in 1787, with inventory (1788).     


Date: 1801

Sale of The Superiority of the Lands of Killicanty, Bridgehouse, Castle Birkenshaw, and Nether Hillhouse, all parts of the Barony of Ogilface by public roup, if not beforehand by private bargain, at Edinburgh on 12 August 1801

"rated in the cess-books at 407 l. 6s 8d Scots of valued rent, and yielding a feu-duty of 1 l. 15s 4d Sterling.  Some of the vassals are in non-entry." Caledonian Mercury July and August 1801


Date: 1813  Details of lands for sale in Linlithgow and Lanark included The Lands of Barbauchlaw and Ogilface: more particulars from Robert Wilson, accountant, Edinburgh, or Alexander Dallas, W.S., to be sold by public roup at the Royal Exchange Coffee House, 14 July 1813:

Lot 1: THE LANDS of BARBAUCHLAW: 734 Scotch acres, 520 arable , remainder pasture / plantation. "The new Glasgow road passes through Barbauchlaw lands for upwards of two miles, affording very easy access to markets, and to Bathgate lime-works, which are at the distance of about two miles. There is a good going colliery on the estate. The lands are understood to be full of coal and ironstone of the best qualities, and the Water of Barbauchlaw, which bounds the lands on the north, has falls for driving machinery.
The whole lands are inclosed, and fall progressively out of lease in a few years, none of the leases exceeding eight years after Martinmas1813, except about 116 acres which fall out of lease soon after. The thriving village of Armadale is on this lot, and there is an easy communication with Edinburgh and Glasgow, and all the intervening country, by means of public carriages, whereof eight pass along this road daily.
There is a turnpike road leading to the burgh of Linlithgow, which is six miles distant, and the town of Bathgate is within two miles." Caledonian Mercury 8 May 1813

Lot II: OGILFACE, (the farms of Woodend, Canties, Heights, small part of Barbauchlaw, (lying on the north side of Barbauchlaw water): 957 Scots acres, 686 arable and inclosed.  "The lease of the farm of Woodend , which contains 440 arable acres, was granted for 42 years, and expires at Martinmas 1815, when a great rise of rent may be depended upon.  the other leases also expire soon.  These lands lie adjoining to Barbauchlaw, and, of course, have easy access to the great turnpike road, and to coal and lime." Caledonian Mercury 8 May 1813

Lot III: The FARMS of OVER HILLHOUSE (235 arable acres) and CRAIGENGALL, (416 acres, 310 arable, and inclosed) being parts of Ogilface and adjoining Lot II.  Out of lease Martinmas 1816.

Information: Caledonian Mercury 8 May 1813.


Date: 1788 – 1862

Ref No: GD374/115   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Title: Titles to part of the barony of Ogilface in the parish of Torphichen and county of West Lothian, acquired by Henry Stainton during 1828 -1829. (18 items)


Date: 1845

Extracts from New Statistical Account of Scotland, County of Linlithgow, pub by William Blackwood & sons (1845)

Name Book, No. 21, page 25
“About two miles to the south-west”, (of Bridge Castle) “may by diligent search be discovered the ruins of the foundation of Ogilface Castle the seat of the ancient family of De Bosco, Barons of Ogilface. It fell at length into the hands of the Earls of Linlithgow and upon the fall of that family, ceased to exist as a barony, and was sold in portions to different proprietors, the chief of whom is now R. C. Buchanan, Esq.  It must have been a place of some strength, though of no great size, as appears from the outline of the ruins of the foundation, as far as that can be still traced."

Name Book, No. 21, Page 24 Parish of Torphichen
Name to be corrected: Castle (remains of):
Orthography as recommended to be used in the new plans: Ogilface Castle (Remains of)
Authorities cited:
James Waddell, Woodend; Jno Brice, Westerhill House; Wm. Gentleman, Canties; Mr. Walker, Wester Redburn;
Revd…..Branks(?); Mr. Waddel; Stat. Acct.
Situation: c13 [?] chains E by S from Woodend
"This object is the remains of a small oblong building, the walls, although thickly covered with grass are nearly 3 feet high, but the inside is filled up with the ruins, it stands on the E. end of a small but steep ridge above the Barbauchlaw Burn & 13 [?] chains ESE of Woodend, on the N is a deep though small ravine with a stream running through it;
Tho [?] the appearance of the ground on the W [?] side and stones with lime adhering to them it is thought it was much more extensive – James Waddell of Woodend informed me that the dwelling house of Woodend was built with the stones taken from it – There is nothing definitely known about but the tradition is that the Covenanters made it a place of defence & protection; it is also stated there is a large excavation in the ridge under the ruins - It is familiarly called the 'Old Castle' & sometimes 'Woodend Castle' but not…….." [becomes illegible from this point].

Name Book, No. 21, page 23 Parish of Torphichen
Authorities cited: James Waddell, Robert McGregor, Forest’s Co. map
Situation: In the SW portion of Torphichen Parish
“This name applies to a large farm house, one story high, with offices and thrashing machine which is propelled by water, all in good repair; there is a garden and a farm of about 550 acres of land attached; the property of Mr. Buchanan Drumpellor, tenanted by Mr. Waddell”


Date: 1846

Extract from A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland by Samuel Lewis (1846)

Re: Torphichen:

'The small river Avon flows along the northern boundary of the parish, dividing it from that of Muiravonside; and the Loggie burn, a still smaller stream, for several miles separates the parish from that of Bathgate, and flows into the Avon near Craw Hill. About a mile to the north-east of the village is Loch Cote, a sheet of water about twenty two acres in extent, surrounded by the hills of Bowden, Cockleroi, and Kipps..'

'The seats are, Wallhouse, Cathlaw, and Lochcote, the last a modern mansion, which, when completed, will be an elegant structure. Bridgecastle, formerly the seat of the earls of Linlithgow, still retains vestiges of its ancient character, and some of the venerable trees by which it was surrounded are in good preservation. Behind the old mansion-house of Craw Hill, on the banks of the Avon, is a chasm called Wallace's cave; and in some clefts in the rock are fine specimens of mosses, of several rare varieties. About two miles to the south-west of Bridgecastle are the foundations of the castle of Ogilface, the ancient seat of the family of De Boscos, barons of Ogilface, and which was a place of considerable strength. '


Date: 1865 - 1868

Sale details for farms forming the greater part of the Barony of Ogilface, Glasgow Herald 26 April 1865

The following were offered for sale by private bargain with a possibility of splitting into smaller lots: Woodend, Canties, Drumtassie, Drumelzie, Drumduff, Heights and Drumbowie.

By July 1866, the Glasgow Herald advertisement for the above lands with or without their mineral rights was more detailed and persuasive.  The acreage given for the farms was as follows: Woodend and Canties = 814.581; Drumtassie = 86.800; Drumelzie = 263.776; Drumduff = 80.573;, Heights = 266.460; and Drumbowie = 287.982.

By March 1868, the farms of Woodend and Canties, Drumelzie and Heights were still for sale.


Date: 1878

Extract from Notes on a burial mound at Torphichen, and an urn found near the "Cromlech" at Kipps, Linlithgowshire, by  J. Duns, published in Proc Soc Antiq Scot, 12, 1876-8, 411 (1878 a)
'The immediate neighbourhood generally is one of much archaeological interest.  Wallace's cave is about a quarter of a mile distant; the ruins of the foundations of Ogilface Castle, the seat of the family of De Bosco, Barons of Ogilface, lie about a mile to the south-west; one of the refuge stones, which indicated the western boundary of the Torphichen refugium, is within stone-throw of the burial mound; and the Torphichen Preceptory ruins are not more than a mile to the east.'


Date: 1882 - 4

Extract from Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland by Frances Groome, (1882 - 4)

'Ogilface, an ancient baronial fortalice in Torphichen parish, Linlithgow (county) 3 ½ miles west of Bathgate. It belonged to the ancient family of De Bosco, Barons of Ogilface; passed to the Earls of Linlithgow; seems to have been a structure of some strength, but of no great size; and is now represented by only traces of the foundations.'


Date: 1887

Extract from Gazetteer of the British Isles by John Bartholomew (1887)

'Ogilface, remains of ancient fortalice, Torphichen par., Linlithgowshire, 3½ miles W. of Bathgate.'


Date: 1889

Ref No: GD150/3608   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Title: Disposition by the trustees of the late Hon Helen Watson Douglas of Saughton, Lady Aberdour, in favour of the Earl of Morton of the lands of West Craigs of Ogilface, sheriffdom of Linlithgow     


Date: 1896

'John Nimmo, coal master, bought from Hamilton Brown, the 787 acre estate of Westercraigs of Ogleface.'

Source unknown - research of the late Robert Kerr


Date: 1906

Extract from Past and Present  by R. Hynd-Brown (1906)

'The estate, or barony, of Barbauchlaw was originally granted by the Crown to a scion of the House of Dundonald, whose family name is Cochrane, and is situated about 7½ miles south-west from Linlithgow, the county town, and nearly midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow, on the Great Road.

Originally the estate was much larger than it is now, its present dimensions being one thousand acres, which are bounded to the .south by the lands, of Hardhill, Bathville, and Polkemmet; on the north by the lands of Woodend, Birkenshaw, Bridge Castle, and South Couston; on the east by the lands of Hopetoun and Hardhill ; and on the west by the lands of Harthill, or the Barony of Ogleface.'


Date: 1906 – 1909

Ref No: GD150/3616    Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Disposition of the superiorities of Guisachan [Conaglen], Balmule and Stenhouse, and West Craigs of Ogilface.  


Date: 1914

Ref No: GD150/3609   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Inventory of titles of the superiority of West Craigs of Ogilface, sheriffdom of Linlithgow.  


Date: 1926

'Ogilface Quarry and Ogilface Pit opened, but neither lasted long.'

Research notes of the late Robert Kerr


Date: 1938

Ref No: RHP10000/WL30 Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Plan of all the seams of coal and other minerals under the lands of Bridge House, Easter and Wester Wheatacres, North Luggie Brae, being the easter pendicle of the Mains of Muckraw and others

Date: 1938

Ref No: RHP10000/WL98   Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Plan of all the coal and mines of coal under lands of West Craigs of Ogleface

Date: 1938

Ref No:RHP10000/WL99  Repository: National Archives of Scotland

Plan of all the seams of coal and other minerals under lands of Westcraigs of Ogleface  


'Ogleface Quarry' supplied by Robert Owens

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