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Photos below supplied by John Reid

Relief-moulded tile with a stylized lion within a shield-shaped border of double tressure avec fleury-contre-fleury. See the reference below for more details.

John Reid of Armadale with two tiles from the well at Niddry Castle in 1986.


John with the Clydesdale saddle found at Niddry. Unfortunately, a home could not be found for the saddle in Scotland but it was welcomed at the Central Museum in Northampton.


'The excavation of Niddry Castle would not have taken place without the initiative of John Reid in seeking archaeological advice from St. Andrews Heritage Services in 1985. As Project Manager of the restoration of Niddry, he ensured that the excavation took place and could be completed.' Proc.Soc.Antiq.Scot, 127 (1997), 783-842

Other Publications:

John Reid. Niddry Castle Revisited, Archaeology Today. March 1988

More details and publications Here


John and his team were awarded the Professor Robertson Prize for their work.



But there was another John Reid at Niddry...