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Niddrie Burn, Edinburgh.

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Aerial photo

On site AOC Archaeology and Edinburgh City Council

Niddrie Burn Public Archaeology Day

All kite aerial photos by Jim Knowles

This strange grey structure does not look like much on the ground at the back of the Niddrie estate. It is only when you look from above that you can see it is really something rather different. The statue of Gulliver was designed by Jimmy Boyle back in 1976, when serving a long stretch in Barlinnie prison. The structure was then built by unemployed people around the same time. The statue has definitely seen better days and will be removed as part of the renovations. Part of the left foot will be left in place as a memorial within the landscaping of the new burn.

A site excavated by AOC Archaeology on the Niddrie Marischal Estate. The main estate house would have been to the west and was removed in the 18th century.

The excavation area contains an unknown 17th to 18th century farm. This would have been part of the estate. There are just fragments that remain, including cobbled surfaces with drains, an odd rectangular structure (tank), a rather nice well/mine shaft, a hearth, various wall fragments, post holes and a nice ice house.

Ice house.
All images Jim Knowles