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Aerial Photo

Roman Fortlet

Antonine Wall      Scotlands Places

First Visit 9 April 2011

The location of two parallel 1980-81 excavation trenches can be seen on the right.

 Near infra-red, no wind KAP  9 April 2011


Excavation of a Road

On this random visit we found Geoff Bailey supervising a dig.

Near infra-red KAP  9 April 2011

Geoff Bailey 'entrenched'    PAP 9 April 2011
PAP 9 April 2011
Kinneil Church


West side  Jim Knowles

East side

 PAP 9 April 2011  PAP 9 April 2011
 PAP 9 April 2011
 PAP 9 April 2011
James Watt's Cottage


Jim Knowles  PAP 9 April 2011