History of Armadale Association


Chairman: Ron Dingwall  HAAchairmanarmadale.org.uk

Secretary: Betty Hunter   HAAsecretaryarmadale.org.uk

Brickworks undergoing demolition 2012  Kite aerial photograph


Calling Armadalians Near and Far! Your Help is Needed!

Members of the History of Armadale Association would like to revisit the theme of 
early work experiences, particularly in the Armadale area, with a view to publishing them.  The last work stories they published would have been in the 1980s so it's time for some new tales!

If you would like to share your memories of your earliest working days, please contact the HAA Chair Ron Dingwall who will be delighted to hear from you!  email: HAAchairmanarmadale.org.uk

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