The Day after Gala Day

on Sunday 17th June 2007

(when the wind and rain had gone....along with some of the decorations)

^   by Alexis Brown

^    by Yvonne Forgie    >

^ by Bryan Baillie

^   by Ronnie Thomson

...and time to take down the decorations for another year


Our apologies to anyone that we may have missed.
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"It was like a castle, it was castellated at the top, you know, the roof.  And my father had the shop a' done up as well.  We had trellis up the wa's, just like a wee artificial garden.... Oh, and he used to decorate a' the cross wi' naval ensigns and God knows a' what.  He used to go a' the boats that came into Bo'ness and, you know - the  like of cabinets with the sink on the top, marble sinks, beautiful cabinets they were.... and he bought a load o' flags, naval ensigns, bunting, the tricolors, you know - he used to decorate the whole of Bathville Cross with the decorations and then when the prisoners of war started coming hame, he used to lend that out for to decorate their houses when there were a welcome home party, for them coming home after they'd been in prison...."

Courtesy of HAA: Gala Days extract interviewee: Mrs McGrorty