Daer Valley

Responsible Archaeologist: Tam Ward

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Tam describing the site to Rosie.

17 November 2011

29 January 2012

A visit by John, Jim, Rosie and Bronwen.

Kite Aerial Photo (larger image 2.3MB)

See also the 3D Model (5.3 MB pdf) by Jim Knowles from his aerial photos.

(Left mouse button to rotate, left mouse button, whilst holding down Ctrl, to move about the screen and scroll wheel on mouse to change size)

Pole shot   Jim Knowles
Just along from the above feature, Tam showing Jim the numerous flints that they have found. Middle of winter, wet and cold but digging away.

Jim and Rosie taking aerial photos.

(Kites: HQ FF4.0 and Large Longbottom Delta Sled)