Ardoch Roman Fort

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All photographs on this page were taken by Jim Knowles


Composite image  Jim Knowles

Composite KAP Shot of Ardoch Roman Fort Looking South

Just north of Ardoch bridge, Braco is one of the best preserved and impressive Roman earthworks in Scotland. The earliest phase of the fort, dating to the Flavian campaigns, was over eight acres and by the later Antonine phase was reduced to just over two acres. The camp was made smaller and more defences added internally, providing a formidable set of 2m ramparts. These survive today on the northern and eastern sides. The fort was excavated 1896-7 showing that the internal buildings were formed of timber rather than stone. There is a later medieval addition of a graveyard and chapel in the middle. In addition to the fort, to the north, is the annexe and a series of temporary camps (130 acres in all) across the near landscape. These make the defences on the ground appear pretty complicated.

Not the best, but I managed to cobble this together. The wind on this particular day was none existent. I had to sprint (well amble quickly) through the fort, just to get the kite up and get some images.   JK

Unidentified features to the left
Looking north east Ramparts looking south
Ramparts looking south Looking west
Looking south west Interior of the fort
Looking south