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Woodend, Armadale. 17 Jan 2010  IR KAP

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In the 12th Century, Ogilface was owned by the de Veteri Ponte family.  In November 1203, William de Veteri Ponte [Vieuxpont] grants to Holyrood Abbey in free and perpetual alms his teinds on his land of Oggelfast and on his hunt, and the teinds of the men living on said land. Ref No: GD45/13/245 NAS. See also Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, June 1211 - November 1224.

Thomas de Bosco, Lord of Ogylface, confirmed a charter (probably given about 1280) of his father to the monks of Newbattle giving free passage through the lands of Ogilface on the way to Monklands near Airdrie. 12 March 1320/1.

Charter by Beatrix "de Bosco" [del Bois], daughter and heir of the late lord Thomas "de Bosco" knight, widow, who, for the salvation of her soul and of her parents, predecessors and successors, surrenders per fustem et baculum to John [de Leith], abbot of Holyrood, all the rights her and her heirs have on lands and appurtenances in the "Strath" of Ogilface [West Lothian], its mill, "Mukras Brighous", the garden of Andrew in the boundaries of the barony of Ogilface. Date: 8 May 1386 at Holyrood Abbey. Ref No: GD45/13/266 NAS.

We are interested in any possible 11/12th century links between the families of de Bosco, Veteri Ponte, de Mowbray and Humphrey de Ogle (Ogil - both father and son) of Northumberland. These names appear at later dates in the ancestry of Sir Thomas Wiseman.  The Ogles have held the castles of Seven Shields, Ogle, Bothal, Harbottle and Copeland and the towers of Burradon, North Middleton, Cockle Park, Hirst, Choppington, Hepple, Tossan, Newstead, Downhem, Ford, Eglingham and the fortalice of Flotterton. Although at one time Northumbria extended as far as the Forth, so far, we know of no link between the name of Ogilface and the family Ogil/Ogel.

1059 April 3: Draft letter from King [Henry Vl] to Ralph Percy and Robert Ogle, knights, and William Barteram, John
and John Helton, esquires. He has been informed of the great labour they lately had ... in
defending the counties and marches towards Scotland, and in resisting ... the Scots....
Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland, PRO and BL, Vol.5, Suppl. A.DU08-1516.


The Location of Ogilface Castle




The Barony of Ogilface

de Veteripont, Hollyrood, de Bosco, Knights Hospitaller.....



Brief examination of historical maps and research evidence relating to people and places associated with the Barony of Ogilface


Woodend, Armadale Site

Site 1: NS927690 kite + EAFS Geophysics

inc. aerial photos & photos of the site survey team

survey data

Blackridge/Standhill Site

Site 2: NS909681 kite + EAFS Geophysics

'Ogelface in ruins'

inc. aerial photos & photos of the site survey team

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Other Sites in the Barony of Ogilface

Drumbowie / Drumbuie

West Rhodens Plantation


Site 3: NS912695 (Roden?)

Canty / Cantie / Canties

Site 4: NS909692 (Drumbowie - Canmore)

Drumbowie / Cantie Craigs kite

Site 5:  NS910687  Scheduled

(The) Drumbowie

Site 6: NS906699  Aerial photo

Drumbowie / East Craigs kite

Site 7:  NS909684

Drumbowie Cottages

Site 8: NS904698  Aerial photo

Site 9:  NS905702


At present, some places are linked only to an external site or aerial photo to indicate approximate location

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Bridge Castle Aerial photo

Muckraw pole

Birkenshaw Aerial photo

Barbauchlaw Mill

On the southern side of Barbauchlaw Burn on the edge of the Barony.

Craigengall Aerial photo Andrew's Yard Aerial photo
Eastcraigs Hill  kite


Some of these and other Ogilface Barony sites are also detailed HERE



Kirkton Church, Bathgate PAP